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Welcome to Healthy Heart Centre

Healthy Heart Centre is your one stop Cardiology Diagnostic Solutions Partner. We believe in providing a hassle free experience for patients and their family with quality, accurate and professional cardiac diagnostics solutions.

Whether you are a general physician or a specialist, at Healthy Heart Centre we pride ourselves in doing things differently to enhance your practice. We are not about staying ahead of the curve, but more about defining the curve in the field of Cardiology Diagnostics. Arguably, we are the only company instituted to provide complete solutions to clinics, medical practitioners and patients alike. Learn more about us today and how we can enhance your environment. Send us an email to or contact us and let us know how we can help you.

“you can’t beat a healthy heart.”

Our Services

Thousands of people die from heart attacks every year because they don’t receive medical treatment in a timely manner. Since warning signs vary from person to person, the best cure is prevention. Unlike a heart attack, a stroke originates in the brain, causing a sudden loss of brain function. A stroke can leave you without the ability to reason, speak, see, move, read or write. Similar factors contribute to both heart attacks and strokes.

It is important to recognize what variables put you at risk, and work towards minimizing them. At Healthy Heart Centre, we strive to provide diagnostic services ahead of the industry times. We use state of the art equipment. The tests are performed by skilled and experienced technologists and reviewed and interpreted by certified physicians. We welcome your inquiries and comments, however for questions related to your health, please contact us. In case of an emergency, Please go to nearest hospital.

Why Us

  • Competence

    We can do what the industry does, only better. The obvious proof of this will be your opinion of our services, after you have experienced them. Until then, we have posted testimonials from other medical professionals to show how they feel about our service.

  • Compassion

    We care about the patients. HHC came into being with the core concept of patient care. We firmly believe in bettering healthcare with exceptional bedside manners, quick report delivery times and outstanding quality of results. Patients consistently thank us for the experience they have with us.

  • Character

    At HHC, we pride ourselves on commitment and reliability. All our staff is hired with this clear mandate and redundancies are built into our processes to ensure that things go smoothly. Moreover, we have dedicated people in our organization to follow up with patients and primary physicians to address any required modifications. We work with the mindset of benefitting the patients.

  • Consultants

    Healthy Heart Centre is recognized in medical industry for retaining finest equipment with competent staff, available for patients.
    HHCP pride ourselves on providing highly qualified consultants to give you the best health care, keeping your convenience in mind they are available at different time slots.



Cardiac Consultation

Is when you see a specialist regarding all issues with your heart health. It provides you with an indepth evaluation, treatment and management

2D Echocardiogram with colour flow and Doppler Imaging

Is an ultrasound of your heart. Non Invasive painless test used to look at your heart and diagnose any abnormalities.

Electrocardiogram (ECG)

Is a quick test where you are hooked up to some wires for a few seconds. It checks for problems with the electrical activity of the heart.

Holter Monitoring

Is a small device and a few wires hooked up to you for a period of time requested by your doctor to monitor the electrical activity of your heart.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure

Is your blood pressure being taken by a monitor at regular intervals over 24 hour period as you move around in your daily normal life.

Pulmonary Function Test

Is a test where you blow air in to a machine. It is done to see how well your lungs are functioning.

Stress Echo

Is a combination of treadmill and 2d Echocardiogram tests. Its purpose is to detect any electrical and or wall motion abnormality of your heart.

Exercise Stress Test

Is a test where you walk or run on a treadmill to get your heart to a required rate. Its purpose is to detect any abnormality while your heart is being stressed.